Sample Application Developer

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Sample Application Developer

Job description

Major League Hacking (MLH) is looking for a Sample Application Developer to help us educate and empower our community. Every year, thousands of developers, designers, and makers attend MLH events where they learn new skills and develop a deep passion for technology. As a Sample Application Developer, you’ll be responsible for building simple applications that inspire and educate our event participants.

Cool past examples include a snake game with power-ups (used to learn GraphQL) and a website that displays Star Trek quotes with some awesome ASCII art (used to learn about CockroachDB). These applications are the launchpad into new technologies for our hackers. This role is an opportunity to build all sorts of creative projects using cutting edge technologies and to inspire thousands of hackers expand their skill sets.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

  • Originate simple, creative application ideas that help communicate complex technologies in a digestible way.
  • Implementing those ideas as code in the simplest manner and distilling ideas down to their core. You’ll do this based on information/specs/requirements provided to you from the Product Manager and your own research and creativity.
  • Communicate how the sample application works and how it shows off the technology. You’ll work directly with a Technical Curriculum Developer, who will write a lesson presentation based on your application, to help them understand and explain the code you’ve written.
  • Iterate over sample applications you write based on feedback provided to your from the product manager, our clients, and other MLH team members. Inspire hackers! The applications that you build will be many of our hackers’ first introductions to the technology taught in the workshop - thousands of hackers each year will learn from and build off of what you make.


  • Ability to write code that is easily understood by others - “Elegant Simplicity,” we like to say.
  • Ability to write fully-functional introductory level sample applications with little-to-no technical support.
  • Ability and desire to learn new platforms, APIs, and /frameworks quickly.
  • Experience working with Python, Javascript, HTML, & CSS is preferred.