Localhost Community Manager

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  • New York, United States

Localhost Community Manager

Job description

Major League Hacking (MLH) is looking for someone to join our growing family and New York City office as our first Localhost Community Manager.

Every year, MLH helps empower thousands of technologists by teaching them cutting edge technical skills at workshops and meetups around the world. To do this, we produce high quality pre-built workshops in-a-box that any leader in our community can run with a the click of a button. Topics range from “Building your First Website” to “Getting Started with Amazon Alexa” and all the content is designed to get participants excited about learning more once the event ends.

As our Localhost Community Manager, you’ll be responsible for developing our community of MLH Localhost workshop and meetup organizers. You’ll help launch new content and ensure it is iterated upon. Once those workshops are live, you’ll make sure we’re meeting our event targets by marketing new workshops, finding new organizers, and helping them develop their local communities.

This is the first full-time hire on this promising new team. It is a great role for someone who enjoys working a variety of projects and loves stretching their skills. You’ll be reporting directly to and working closely with the MLH Localhost Product Manager.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

  • Empower event organizers. You’ll build relationships with our event organizers to develop the MLH Localhost community. You’ll help them get better at leading workshops and their communities through educational resources, emails campaigns, group phone calls, and mentorship sessions.
  • Grow our community. Our mission as a company is to empower hackers and we want to empower as many as possible. You’ll contribute to that mission by getting organizers to host multiple events, supporting organizers to grow their communities, and bringing new organizers into the fold.
  • Manage content roll out & maintenance. As we launch more workshops, you’ll be responsible for the last-mile logistics like updating our website and sourcing an initial batch of organizers to show immediate traction. Once the workshop is live, you’ll be responsible for working with our content team to the content stays up-to-date and meets our community’s needs.
  • Ensure workshop targets are met. We are a goal oriented team. We set event and attendance targets for each new workshop module and you’ll be responsible for ensuring we have strategies in place to hit these targets.
  • Host pilot workshops. A key piece of a Localhost module’s development is its in-office pilot where we can observe a module being run in a controlled environment and put on the finishing touches. You’ll find presenters and attendees for these pilots and ensure they’re run successfully.


  • Competitive salary
  • Equity options
  • Medical, dental, vision benefits, and 401K
  • Unlimited PTO
  • Weekly team lunches
  • Travel opportunities

About MLH

Major League Hacking's (MLH) mission is to empower hackers. Each year over 65,000 young technologists and innovators around the world attend MLH events and join our community. Our events provide a self-driven environment where community members learn from each other outside the confines of traditional academia. The MLH team grew out of this movement and is dedicated to making it accessible to the entire world.

  • We’re a team of 13 full-time people based in midtown Manhattan.
  • Our co-founders, Swift and Jon, were recognized for their work in education by Forbes in the 2017 30 Under 30 list.
  • We work with some of the top technology brands like Dell, Oculus, and Amazon to help them reach our community and get the latest and greatest tools into their hands.
  • We have a group of world-class investors including General Catalyst, Alexis Ohanian (Reddit), Jeff Lawson (Twilio), and Sundance DiGiovanni (Major League Gaming).
  • We are a mission driven B Corp, committed to responsibly serving the world and our community.
  • The hacker movement is taking off! Since we started in 2013, we’ve powered more than 600 weekend-long invention marathons (called hackathons).


  • Experience organizing community events. Bonus points if those events were tech-related.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication.
  • The ability to follow and improve process.
  • Moderate technical ability. Understanding what code is and how it works will be helpful in managing a community of technologists.
  • MLH is a start-up that accomplishes a lot with our small team. You’ll need to be highly self-managed and autonomous, but also comfortable asking for help when necessary.