Head of Talent Acquisition

  • Administrative
  • New York, United States

Head of Talent Acquisition

Job description

Major League Hacking (MLH) is looking for someone to join our growing team as our Head of Talent Acquisition, to help us continue to grow.

MLH is rethinking technical education for the modern world. Today, we work with more than a third of US Computer Science Students and have a worldwide community of over 130,000 people participate in our programs each year. Our unique hands-on, community-driven approach has helped more than half a million technologists worldwide launch their careers and stay up-to-date with the latest trends.

We’re a Certified B-Corp which means that we put our mission before everything else and are a great company to work for and with. Our programs are helping to expand access to technical education to people who have historically not been served by technology.

If you're passionate about technology, education, and the future of work – this is the place for you!

What you’ll be doing.

As our first full-time hire in talent acquisition, you’ll help us continue to grow building the team from 25 to 45+ over the next twelve months. This is a high impact role, you’ll help us continue to shape our business and our culture.

This is a full-cycle recruiting role that will work across the entire team and interview process

You’ll build on our existing talent acquisition framework, working with each hiring manager to define roles, build a pipeline of candidates, and ultimately fill the positions. You’ll make sure that the pipeline is filled with top, diverse talent by working with external recruiters, prospecting yourself, and screening new applicants as they apply.

What success looks like.

  • Excited and happy applicants. You’ll make sure each person coming through our pipeline is happy they applied and excited to learn more. You’ll help showcase our company and culture (which is pretty great, if we say so ourselves) and ultimately make sure people feel like working at MLH’s is a great opportunity where they want to work and share with their friends.

  • Offers accepted. Recruiting is all about assessing fit and one of the best ways to see if that assessment is correct is accepted offers. We’ll know you’re successful if our accepted offer rate is near 100%.

  • Hiring goals met. We’ll be the first to say we have some aggressive goals for team growth in 2022. Ultimately, we feel strongly that our success as a business will hinge on our ability to make great hires quickly. Reaching our hiring target is key and will be a key measure of your success.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

  • Role Definition - Partner with hiring managers to create job descriptions, set sourcing strategy, and calibrate candidate profiles. Create well defined interview processes & guides to assess candidates and train the team interviewing to use them.

  • Sourcing - Find the best sources to drive high quality applications to our openings. You’ll have a budget to post job ads, work with external recruiters, and more. More importantly, reach out to the best passive talent and invite them into our process.

  • Own the Candidate Pipeline - Oversee the entire candidate pipeline from job description to offer accepted. Hold the first interview with new applicants to determine if they’re a fit for MLH and the role. Follow candidates throughout their interview process at MLH, moving them quickly through it, and making sure they have great experiences. When we’re ready, you’ll work with the team to develop compensation packages, deliver offers, and assist in onboarding.

  • Hold Diversity as Key - MLH serves a diverse community and is already known as a leader diversifying the tech industry. To support our community successfully, we need diverse perspectives on our full-time team as well. You’ll create a hiring process that attracts and reaches out to diverse talent and counters systemic inequities in the interview process.

  • Build Long-Term Talent Pipeline - We have the opportunity to meet hundreds of promising candidates each year who are not always a fit for our needs now. You’ll build a pool of these people and reach out when we have appropriate roles come on line.


  • 3+ years experience in full-cycle recruiting, ideally at a startup or high-growth technology company

  • Strong ability to connect with people and make them feel cared for and excited

  • Ability to speak to highly technical candidates. While you don’t need to be a developer yourself, you’ll need to be comfortable talking with our community members and candidates with technical backgrounds.

If you’ve found yourself excited thinking about this role, even if you don’t quite meet every requirement, we encourage you to apply. Hacking is all about figuring out different solutions to problems, and showing how your experience might serve as a substitute for our requirements might be your first hack with us.

We serve a diverse community and perspectives of women, people of color, LGBTQIA+ people, and those with backgrounds typically not served by technology help us serve our community more deeply. We strongly encourage applications from people with these identities or who are members of other marginalized communities.

While we are presently remote due to COVID, our team has indicated a strong wish to return to in-person work and we will be adopting a hybrid schedule of three days a week in office and two days a week remote. For the right candidate we will explore remote options, but unless you have a reason that prevents it, it is greatly preferred that you work from our New York Headquarters or one of our developing offices in London, Seattle, or (pending) India.