Head of Community Marketing

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Head of Community Marketing

Job description

Major League Hacking (MLH) is looking for someone to join our growing team as our Head of Community Marketing.

MLH is rethinking technical education for the modern world. Today, we work with more than half of US Computer Science Students and have a worldwide community of over 130,000 people each year. Our unique hands-on, community-driven approach has helped more than half a million technologists worldwide launch their careers and stay up-to-date with the latest trends. 

We’re a Certified B-Corp which means that we put our mission before everything else and are a great company to work for and with. Our programs are helping to expand access to technical education to people who have historically not been served by technology.

If you're passionate about technology, education, and the future of work – this is the place for you!

What you’ll be doing.

In this role, you’ll help define Major League Hacking’s (MLH) brand and messaging for our community. You’ll be responsible for bringing in new community members and activating those already here. 

You’ll be responsible for helping hackers navigate all of MLH’s offerings including our hackathons and Fellowship. You’ll be measured on your ability to drive early career technologists to each of our programs and we’ll look to you to set strategy for how we’ll reach our goals.

To do this you’ll use our existing channels (social media, partnerships, community members, newsletters, and event marketing) in addition to new channels you might create. This is a big job and you won’t do it alone. You’ll have our community leaders and a team of employees & marketing contractors to help make all this happen.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

  • Grow the MLH Community - You’ll be responsible for testing and growing channels that bring new developers into the MLH community. This could social, paid advertising, content, partnerships, and beyond.

  • Activate the MLH Community - You’ll take over management of our community of 500,000+ early career technologists, one of the largest of its kind. You’ll be responsible for defining what an active and engaged community member looks like and will find ways to move them through that funnel.

  • Brand Definition & Messaging - You’ll partner with other leaders on our team to develop a cohesive brand & messaging for our community and corporate customers. You and your team will be responsible for creating and editing the corresponding community-focused content and associated assets.

  • Team Management - Day-to-day management and development of our small-but-growing community team. You’ll measure their performance and coach them to be successful.

  • Contractor Management - Managing several marketing contractors, you will set tasks and projects for them and then review and edit their work to ensure it meets our quality standards and maintains brand consistency.

  • Reporting & Analysis - You’ll forecast, measure, and analyze the campaigns you run. We’ll use this data to evaluate success, optimize performance, and project sales.


  • Technical Background - You’re speaking with a highly technical community and here credibility is key, you need to be able to speak developer. You might have a Computer Science degree, have taken part in a bootcamp, or you might be self-taught.

  • B2C Marketing Experience - We’re open to all sorts of B2C marketing, but you must have had an audience of consumers you looked to activate- this could mean paying customers, constituents, voters, or some other individual stakeholder. Our ideal is that you’ve worked with a community before and even better a technical one, but that’s not a requirement.

  • Content Marketing Expertise - Most of our channels to our community are content, you’ll need to be great at creating an Instagram post, writing an article on our blog, or creating a profile on a top hacker. While you’ll have marketing contractors to help with all of the above, we do expect you to be able to have these skills and be a great editor as well.

  • Management Ability - As you’ll be leading our community team, you should have experience managing people or demonstrated leadership ability.

If you’ve found yourself excited thinking about this role, even if you don’t quite meet every requirement, we encourage you to apply. Hacking is all about figuring out different solutions to problems, and showing how your experience might serve as a substitute for our requirements might be your first hack with us.

We serve a diverse community and perspectives of women, people of color, LGBTQIA+ people, and those with backgrounds typically not served by technology help us serve our community more deeply. We strongly encourage applications from people with these identities or who are members of other marginalized communities.

While we are presently remote due to COVID, our team has indicated a strong wish to return to in-person work and we will be adopting a hybrid schedule of three days a week in office and two days a week remote. For the right candidate we will explore remote options, but unless you have a reason that prevents it, it is greatly preferred that you work from our New York Headquarters or one of our developing offices in London, Seattle, or (pending) India.