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Major League Hacking (MLH) is looking for a Presentation Designer to help us educate and empower our community. Every year, thousands of developers, designers, and makers attend MLH events where they learn new skills and develop a deep passion for technology. As a Presentation Designer, you’ll be responsible for taking unfinished presentations for our MLH Localhost education program and improving the visual design to match MLH’s existing style guidelines.

You may find the existing presentation for Bug-Free Coding with SPARK Ada here and Building Scalable Apps with CockroachDB here. As a Presentation Designer, you’ll work closely with the Product Manager for the presentations on which you work. These presentations are a critical part of workshops that launch our hackers into new technologies and the Presentation Designer plays an important role in providing a great experience to our audience!

Key Duties and Responsibilities

  • Design visually-appealing presentations. These presentations will be presented to you unfinished, with all of the content written for you. You will take these presentations and improve the visual design and layout. Any changes that you make will not change the information being delivered.
  • Iterate over the presentations you design based on feedback provided to you from the Product Manager or other MLH team members.
  • Inspire hackers! The presentations that you design will be many of our hackers’ first introductions to the technology taught in the workshop — thousands of hackers each year will learn from and build off of what you help to create.


  • Ability to design attractive, easy-to-follow presentations.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Responsiveness — we’ll be iterating over your work quickly.
  • Experience working with Python, JavaScript, HTML, & CSS or any other coding language is helpful but not required.

About MLH

Major League Hacking's (MLH) mission is to empower hackers. Each year over 65,000 young technologists and innovators around the world attend MLH events and join our community. Our events provide a self-driven environment where community members learn from each other outside the confines of traditional academia. The MLH team grew out of this movement and is dedicated to making it accessible to the entire world.

  • We’re a team of 13 full-time people based in midtown Manhattan.
  • Our co-founders, Swift and Jon, were recognized for their work in education by Forbes in the 2017 30 Under 30 list.
  • We work with some of the top technology brands like Dell, Oculus, and Amazon to help them reach our community and get the latest and greatest tools into their hands.
  • We have a group of world-class investors including General Catalyst, Alexis Ohanian (Reddit), Jeff Lawson (Twilio), and Sundance DiGiovanni (Major League Gaming).
  • We are a mission driven B Corp, committed to responsibly serving the world and our community.
  • The hacker movement is taking off! Since we started in 2013, we’ve powered more than 600 weekend-long invention marathons (called hackathons).